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Strolling down our lane 
one may be overwhelmed

 by the delicate aroma of lilacs and apple blossoms.

 Tiny pink flowers
 nod gently in the soft spring breezes.

 When aging lilac bushes appear in a vacant field,

we know an old Michigan farm 
once stood nearby.

We are careless with adjectives;

 “lovely, cute and sweet”. 

 When something is found worthy of a special description, 

words are used

 in a thoughtless fashion.

They are unimpressive.

Have we become a nation of adjective droppers?

Little girls are sweet and cars are sweet. 
Dresses are sweet.
Fishing rods are sweet.

 Sugar is sweet.

The weather is lovely.
 Your wife is lovely.
 Children are lovely. 
Dinner is lovely.

Freckles are cute. 
Puppies  are cute.
 Babies are cute.

Everything is sweet,cute and lovely.


Teen-agers are sometimes
 juvenile delinquents.
 We may have delinquent taxes.

Senior citizens may have
 gray hair.
Gray haired people may be
 senior citizens.

Phrases overused
are lost.

 Adjectives become
 bruised, broken and meaningless.

Let’s save them for another day.


(This all seemed like a good idea in 1964)

And then..


Where are we now?

What happened to the adjectives? 
They were sweet,cute and lovely. Now, it’s

PC, G and LOL..Or it may be ESP or APP..

We are politically correct. 

Or are we?

(Oh, and by the way, we type PC for “politically correct” now.)

Those in the know understand what we mean.. 

We  type G for “grin.” and just for your information LOL means “laugh out loud” or maybe “lots of love”…your choice.

 Extrasensory perception is the ESP you were searching for and an application where you might find it is known as an APP. 

We type COOL for good, wonderful, smart and up to date.

 has been simplified 
to nothing.

The children in elementary school are not being taught cursive writing.

Much of their “writing”  
is unreadable.
Making matters worse,
many young people
cannot “read” cursive writing.

Think about it!
The United States Constitution
was produced in cursive writing.

President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
was written by him, as the story goes,in cursive writing,
as he was seated on a train
on his way to Gettysburg.

Why have we decided
to avoid teaching cursive writing
 to generations of  young Americans
who will never be able to read, in their original form, 
those historical papers?

In response to questioning,
 a teacher informed me,

 “Within ten years
 no one will be using handwriting.

 Everyone will be using computers.”

Think of the handwriting experts
who will be unemployed.
(That’s a joke, son.)

With this information in mind,
 the overuse of “adjectives ” becomes cute and darling.

From now on, you have my permission to describe anything at all with the terms, “sweet” and “lovely”. For they are the only remaining, always available, hardly ever used, adjectives.

Our English language
 is bruised and broken.
 It has been transformed into 
disconnected letters.

Bring back the adjectives.
 Bring the verbs and the adverbs.

I long for them.

Is it just me?


By the way, what’s this “woke” thing?


Photography By Mary Anne Tuck

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Loved to write since high school..as the years pass memories and relationships are primary. (There is also room for an opinion or two.) Feeling good at the age of eighty-five, enjoying life and a hobby of photography. Lived on a small farm for sixty-one years. welcomed three sons, two grandkids, and 3 greats. Owned and operated an Ace Hardware and Hallmark Shop, managing also to raise sheep for ten years. Shared sixty-two years of marriage before his passing in 2017. One son has also passed on to the next life, Memories really are "Made From This". Welcome to my world!

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