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A lifetime of experiences.


From the recipe memories of my Mother’s friend… Violet “Toots” DeNio You may acquire so many new friendships with this lovely offering, you’ll have to bake some cookies. 2 Cups Tang 1/2 Cup instant tea 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground cloves ( sugar-optional) 1 pkg Lemonade mix..unsweetened. USE 1/2 TSP.  OF ABOVE MIX OR […]

APPLE BROWNIES..MMM…Sounds Good Enough To Eat

Another recipe from “Toots”, my Mother’s friend, who also happened to be a registered nurse.  She was not only a great nurse, but also a good cook. This recipe in her handwriting says, “it’s good”. I believe her. Cream 1/2 cup melted oleo with 1 cup sugar. Add one egg. Sift 1 cup flour, 1/tsp […]

Lost In Toyland

Days of Fun in Sand and Snow With Cherished childhood toys. Imaginary roads brought joy and hours of play   for little girls and boys. Wrapped and Found beneath a tree, disguised  as christmas presents, Giant projects filled their thoughts, and play became more pleasant. Now, safely resting on a shelf in colorful display, Grown construction […]


  Rules of the Game  Making Conversation 1963 (Published in the Houghton Lake Resorter, Houghton Lake, Michigan, weekly newspaper) Even the rules change in 56 years. and as a result, conversations change even more. It was my privilege to have a weekly column in our local newspaper, continuing for almost three years. I’ve added a […]


Think about it! No comment… Listening closely to commercials, occasionally gives me food for thought, but not often. I need to hear one many times before the substance finally clicks, if there actually is any “substance”. Today, this commercial got my undivided attention. Apparently, a certain pill “can” help to make old folks, like me, […]


HE WENT TO THE SYNAGOGUE, AS WAS HIS CUSTOM…. As a young girl, I was asked to baby sit for my infant nephew while my sister and her husband went out for the evening. Since the child had a slight cold, my sister’s instructions were to give him a spoon full of cough medicine from […]

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