Remembering  Ann

Growing in Faith and in Trust..

Ann lived a short distance from our house.  
 She and her husband moved to the neighborhood
 from the southern part of the state 
where she had worked in a factory and

he had been employed
 as a heavy equipment operator.

 Now retired, they spent their time caring for their home.

 Having no children, they were deeply devoted to each other.

Plain looking and soft spoken,
 Ann had the proverbial heart of gold. 
Her graying hair was not stylishly fixed
 in the fashion of the day.

Each year she raised a beautiful circular flower garden 
highlighting a birdbath in the center,
surrounded by colorful flowers.

The garden prospered under Ann’s tender care.

She and her husband were always nearby, 

lending a helping hand
 when one was needed. 

 Appearing on a summer’s evening to visit for a time,
 there was always encouragement for us in planning our young lives;
 with an offer to help in any way they could.

Ann unwittingly helped me to acquire a taste for sauerkraut. 
I could never abide the bitter taste no matter how I tried. 
 One day, while stopping by her house, 
the wonderful aroma in her kitchen caused me to inquire
 about what she was cooking.

 Her answer was, sauerkraut. 
When I shared with her my utter dislike for it,
she suggested adding brown sugar 
along with a couple of quartered apples to the sauerkraut as it cooked.

 What a difference that combination made.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here. 
It may be the lack of seasoning in our lives

that causes bitterness.
 The addition of something sweet,
can change bitterness to joy
 and give us a new appetite for life.

One day, I was told Ann was in the hospital for stomach surgery.
 The results were not good. 
She had cancer and nothing could be done.

Ann came home to spend her remaining days
 in her own bed, in her own home,
 surrounded by things and people she loved.

 By then, Ann was in her late sixties.

Life for me, at that time, 
had been completely turned around
 by the joy and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible was exciting. 

Scripture was leaping off the pages of the Bible, to me,
 as it had never done before.  

I prayed incessantly for Ann’s healing. 

  My faith was strong and each day  prayed for more. I had need for more understanding,and was asking for complete healing of Ann’s body. 

Time passed and healing for my friend

was not evident.

 I searched scripture for more information.
  There were many passages for guidance.
 (1Thess.5:27 “pray without ceasing”.)

The disciples asked Jesus
 why they had not had a healing for someone
 by praying for them.
 Jesus responded; (Matthew 17:21) 
“this kind does not go out
 except by prayer and fasting.”
Further (in Mark) it is noted He said to them.,
“This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting”.

For the first and only time in my life, I fasted;

 praying without ceasing for 24 hours. 

The fasting directed my complete attention to the prayer,
 to Ann, and
 to the Holy Spirit.

I was confident that Ann would be healed. 

She was not healed.

 A few weeks later, Ann died and 

I questioned God, my faith, and myself.

Ann was a devout Catholic, and
 her funeral was held in our local Catholic Church.

 My family sat in the back of the church 
quietly observing the unfamiliar (to us) funeral rituals.

I was sad for the loss of my friend. 

The words of the service fell on closed ears and a heavy heart.

Suddenly I was amazed.

  A great feeling of joy began to well up within me.
 I felt overwhelmed with the knowledge being given to me, in my mind and heart.

 Ann was healed.
 She was in heaven.

The promises of God were fulfilled. 
“I go to prepare a place for you. Where I am you will be also.”

Ann was healed and she was in heaven!

The Holy Spirit was giving to me the knowledge of her healing.

I received the confirmation of her new life 
as a gift from God.

It is a gift I will remember and cherish all the days of my life.

It truly is a gift to be shared

One treasures the people in life who made a difference 
in the way we lived then,

and now.

I would not have identified Ann as such an important person,
 until my experience at the time of her death.

I now believe that God called me to Ann’s friendship
 so He could show me

His Way.

It’s hard to explain my experience the day of Ann’s funeral.

The feeling was instant, intense and oh so joyful.

I’ve shared my feelings of the experience
 with friends and family.

There is no way to convey 
the intensity of the joy I felt 
as I sat quietly in the back row of an unfamiliar church 
during an equally unfamiliar funeral service. 

 Maybe that was part of God’s plan too.

Belief in Ann’s healing 
and belief in life after life,
 in a perfect state of being
 will never change for me.



Photograph By Mary Anne Tuck


Loved to write since high school..as the years pass memories and relationships are primary. (There is also room for an opinion or two.) Feeling good at the age of eighty-five, enjoying life and a hobby of photography. Lived on a small farm for sixty-one years. welcomed three sons, two grandkids, and 3 greats. Owned and operated an Ace Hardware and Hallmark Shop, managing also to raise sheep for ten years. Shared sixty-two years of marriage before his passing in 2017. One son has also passed on to the next life, Memories really are "Made From This". Welcome to my world!

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