DUCK CROSSING -Why did the duck cross the road?

Just saw a post on my Facebook page of a little yellow duck.

I was taken back to a sweet memory

of a few years ago.

Driving through the intersection not too far from home on a holiday week-end in our resort area, a Mother Duck began to cross the road in front of my car. A wobbling row of half-a-dozen babies followed her closely.

There were cars behind me, in front of me, (coming toward me from the other direction);

all in a hurry to reach their holiday destinations. I hit the brakes and stopped just past the middle of the intersection.

So, of course, did everyone else.

Businesses lined both sides of the two-lane highway but Mother Duck seemed totally unaware of her situation. Step by step she slowly continued her path across the road,

with her six fuzzy followers close behind.

Everyone waited.

As she reached the other side and carefully climbed the small embankment at the curb,

there was no honking of horns. All movement had ceased.

Putting my car in gear, I began to move slowly forward as did the formerly motionless cars behind and in front of me.

Observing the faces of the drivers in the first three cars which were coming toward me, all men, with observable smiles on their faces as they continued along their way.

Occasionally, you wonder why we remember the happenings of years ago when they don’t seem to be of profound importance; or maybe they are.

We hurry through life searching for the “important” things while we overlook the importance of the “simple” things.

I’ve often wondered if the rest of the folks who were stopped at that busy intersection of a resort town on their way to somewhere, remember that day.

We stopped, we sat quietly, we smiled at the idea of a Mallard hen and her brood holding up traffic while she crossed the road.

I’ve come to believe that it’s the “simple things” that can make all the difference in our world.


Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck