Surely as the robin is our state bird and the apple blossom our favorite flower, Michigan is a wonderful state.

From the Mighty Mac to the Motor city, Michigan is filled with history, industry, woods and waters. Together they gladden the heart of the most particular soul.

Although other states may lay claim to him, a proud Michigander can regale you with true myths of the most fabulous of all Michigan native residents…Paul Bunyon and his mighty blue ox…Babe.

If it weren’t for the great love this hearty lumberjack had for Babe, we might never have known the beauty and majesty of the Great Lakes, which Paul made to provide a watering place for Babe..

or so the story goes.

Michigan easily claims the title of the most beautiful state in the union..and the most unusual. It’s easily found on any map of the United States.

Her boundaries alone distinguish Michigan from the other states. No state can boast the shape of a mitten surrounded on three sides by water. The Upper Peninsula is separated from the Lower Peninsula by a body of water called the Straits of Mackinaw, joining the upper and lower peninsulas with the engineering miracle of the mighty Mackinaw Bridge.

Among her many other achievements, Michigan claims the International Bridge, which links the United States and Canada for the third time. The bridge was built on the foundation of regard, respect and a persistent desire between two of the most powerful nations in the world, to promote an alliance based on infinite goodwill.

The outline of “The Thumb” area, defines the mitten. Tourists are delighted to find they can actually stand upon the pointed tip of the thumbnail, with the regal beauty of Lake Huron before them and the rock-bound coast called Point Aux Barques nearby.

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you!

You’re in Michigan!

It’s a great state!

(I wrote this article in 1965…where it was published in the Houghton Lake Resorter…our local newspaper…under my byline of “Musings Of A Homemaker”…. I was 30 at the time. I still feel the same way at 85. How about you?)


Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck

Photography By Me


Loved to write since high school..as the years pass memories and relationships are primary. (There is also room for an opinion or two.) Feeling good at the age of eighty-five, enjoying life and a hobby of photography. Lived on a small farm for sixty-one years. welcomed three sons, two grandkids, and 3 greats. Owned and operated an Ace Hardware and Hallmark Shop, managing also to raise sheep for ten years. Shared sixty-two years of marriage before his passing in 2017. One son has also passed on to the next life, Memories really are "Made From This". Welcome to my world!


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