I Wonder If He Knew?

Just Wondering

How difficult to think of Him
As merely man.

Did He have cabin fever
In mid-winter too?

Was He reflective,
After spending time with folks

Because of things He said
Or didn’t say?

Did someone need to talk with Him
While He hurried on His way?

Was He discouraged by the weather?

Was He tempted to make bread from stones?

The Bible says He was.

Does that mean
When I’m tempted
I am not alone?

Will God be in my heart and head?

If I listen well to Him
And learn His teachings

Starting now,

Is there still time?

Was time His enemy
Is it mine?

Did He finish all His daily chores
And wake at night

Wishing He’d accomplished more?

If I could gain acclaim
With talents given me by God,

Would I, as He

Refuse the moment’s gain
For certain pain?

I wonder if He knew
That I would question
If He really understood

The little things

That happen in my day.

He said He would.

Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck




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