Monday Morning At The Coffee Shoppe

The Pharisees are investigating the healing of the blind man. (John 9:13-34)

pinestmp junction coffee

Pharisee One – “That jerk that just came in says he was blind but now he can see”.

Pharisee Two – “Nothing is that simple.”

Pharisee One – “Well, ya know what they say.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

Pharisee Two – ” The guy must have done something really bad to be that way in the first place.”

Pharisee One – “Probably his father was blind.  They say the apple never falls very far from the tree.”

Jesus (Sitting at the Counter) – “I just healed him as my Father led me.”

Pharisee One –“Well that was quite a lucky break for the guy, you healing him.  Just who do you think you are anyway?”

Jesus – “You’ll just have to take my word for who I am.”

Pharisee Two – “Hey mister! Who’s responsible for healing your blindness?”

Former Blind Man – “A man called Jesus.”

Pharisee One –  So where is this guy now?”

Former Blind Man – “He’s sitting right over there at the counter.”

Pharissee Two – “Let’s just let the law handle it.”

Lawman to former blind man – “Buddy, you’ve been traveling on a restricted license because of your blindness.  You haven’t been wearing your seatbelt either. You’d better come clean about this cured blindness. What’s going on here?”

Blind Man – “All I know for sure is that I was blind and he helped me to see.”

Pharissee One – “So what is he, a doctor?”

Pharisee Two – “Call the guy’s parents.”

Blind Man’s Dad – “He’s ours alright.  But he’s a big boy so he can speak for himself.”

Pharisee One – “If that Jesus guy is a doctor, I’d call him a quack!”

Blind Man –“For a couple of guys with so many questions, you sure don’t have many answers. When I tell you what happened, you don’t listen to me.”

Pharisee Two – “Hit the road buddy. Your kind never changes.”

Pharisee One – “How much do we owe ya for the coffee, lady?

 *  *  *

Photograph by Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck

Photograph Location Somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S.A.


(Scripture Version MAWT)  Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck)


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